The Golden Circle of Start with Why from Simon Sinek

Start with Why, an absolute Must Read for every entrepreneur

I've always enjoyed Simon Sinek's videos, and I really enjoyed his "Start with Why" opus. A book review I hope will prompt you to read it for yourself !

I always enjoyed the talks from Simon Sinek. He is articulate, interesting, speaks about topics I care about (business, millenials, and such), and he’s not half bad-looking. But I had never read his books until recently.

As I happen to have some free time lately (and yes, I’m available for consulting, pro bono or otherwise), I thought I’d go further than the TED talks and other TV appearances and started with the beginning, Start with Why.

Even though there are some repetitions (but isn’t it the first rule of teaching, to repeat yourself ?), I really took out some great insights. Let me share some of them here (warning, some are actually personal, but this book spoke as much to the professional as to the consumer me).

  • I finally got why my father was such an Apple addict. He got me my first Macintosh in 1985 or 1986, as soon as it was available in France. He became an Apple reseller at one time. And he had this really cute figurine of Steve Jobs on his desk at home, which now, after his passing (my Dad’s, not Jobs’), sits in my living room. Now I know exactly why.
  • When talking about my career and skills and aspirations, I used to say “I’m a great number 2”. Now I know I’m a “HOW” person. Give me the WHY, and I’ll organise, structure, and make it happen, whether it be from a single-person’s idea to a turn-around of a 100-people strong team. I’m not (only) a great number 2, I’m a great HOW person. And we are needed to make real the ideas of WHY people.
  • The advice is actually good for any personal situation as well. Start with why and your kid actually does the school homework he’s been dragging his feet about (not a personal story but close enough).

As I’m going through a time of reflection upon my career and where to take it next, finding out I’m a HOW person has become my WHY. So thanks Simon, whose WHY is to inspire people to be who they are, you really nailed it this time.

Simon’s got a new book coming up this month. I’m so happy that means I still have 4 books of his books to read !

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