Factfulness, or how I had everything wrong

A #MustRead to better understand how our biases impact our view of the world

Have you ever seen the sweet norwegian older guy who laughs so much while giving TED speeches ? I had stumbled upon one of his speeches once, and it had stuck with me. I finally decided to get his book, published right after he passed away from cancer, Factfulness.

What a read ! Not only did I learn many things about the world I didn’t know, but it left me with an incredible sense of optimism that gave me a little spring in my steps.

An easy read, and with a web site to find again all resources quoted and more (the Dollar Street is definitely worth a looksee as it completely shatters everything you thought you knew about cultural differences), this book should be a must-read for all economic and business curriculums. It crushes all your pre-conceived ideas about the state of the world, its applications are useful in daily as well as business decisions, and its advice on “avoiding the dramatic instincts” are applicable in almost any situation, whether an argument with a spouse or a career move.

I leave you with one of my favorite talks of Hans’ dated 2014 and I strongly encourage you to watch this, and all the others, as well as reading the book, and going to the Factfulness web site. Really inspiring.

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