So, what does "Sparring Partner" mean ?


Need to clarify your vision? Take a step back to know where you want to go?

I help leaders gain clarity by bringing my experienced perspective. I don’t impose but act as a sounding board to help you determine your course. 


What is the best strategy for your brand? How do you find the best positioning?

I help you formulate a clear and pragmatic go-to-market strategy. No slides, but very concrete actions, step by step and adapted to your vision


How do you get your teams on board with your company’s growth? How do you choose the right skills?

I use different methods – proven but adapted to your specificities – to help you structure your teams and surround yourself with the best skills.

Some of the innovative companies who worked with me

& Business

  • Global vision, implementation and definition of strategy and objectives

  • Performance optimization and profitability improvement

  • Launching new business models / diversification studies or market or product extension

  • Business Model definition | Business Plan

  • Strategy (positioning – segmentation – definition of targets / personae)

  • Brand platform | Story-telling | Building the value proposition

  • Product & service launch (from plan to sales tools) | Go-to-Market

  • Product development (from concept to product & packaging execution)

  • Market research management (quanti-quali-online)

  • Steering of customer discovery interviews and coordination of teachings

  • Research | Concept definition | Innovation platform

  • Definition and implementation of action plans

& OrganiZation

  • Organization and structuring of teams and processes

  • Business oriented = performance analysis & monitoring | resource optimization

  • Productivity and working methods

  • Management of innovative projects

  • Design Thinking and Design Sprint

  • Assistance in the management of digital projects (construction, best practices, implementation of comitology and processes, monitoring & respect of costs/scheduling)

  • General organization of the company and its services

  • Organization of a management structure & supervision

  • Anticipation, management of priorities, definition of investments

  • Setting up dashboards, forecast management, budget process

  • Financial reporting, due diligences

  • Mediation, animation of meetings

  • Evolution of the organizational chart according to the needs and skills

Support for implementation

  • 7P Marketing Plan

  • Promotional & Sales Plan | Category Management | Range Management

  • Communication plan (definition of the off-online ecosystem)

  • Event strategy and management (B2B – B2C product launches)

  • Brand content | content strategy / editorial strategy (including the implementation of related processes)

  • Social Media strategy B2B/B2C (strategy, definition of editorial line & tone, animation [RS, influencers…])

  • CRM Strategy | Loyalty program | Emailing campaign

  • E-Business strategy | User experience [UX] strategy

  • Inbound Marketing and ABM strategy

  • Design & graphic design management (control of the graphic chain, brief, follow-up)